Sunflower Basket Wire Mesh Bird Feeder Review: Cute & Functional!

Sunflower Basket Wire Mesh Bird Feeder Review: Cute & Functional!

The decorative Yellow Basket Sunflower Bird Feeder is cute as a button, or perhaps pretty as a sunflower. Anyway, not only is it festive, but it is also a wonderful wire mesh bird feeder that keeps the birds happy and well-fed. The Yellow Basket Sunflower Bird Feeder is a Perky Pet No/No feeder, mean No plastic and No wood!


Product: Perky-Pet No/No Green and Yellow Sunflower Basket Wire Mesh Bird Feeder

  • Price: $21.93 (as of 08/25/2018 11:30 CDT details)
  • Size of Feeder: 1 lb Seed Capacity
  • Feeding Design: Wire Mesh Bird Feeder with Circular Perch
  • Materials: All Metal
  • Dimensions : 8″ X 8″ X 17″
  • Manufacturer’s Warranty: Yes
  • My Rating: 8.5 out of 10

Just so you know, I do not write sponsored posts. I want to bring you real, unbiased information about bird watching related products I think you will enjoy or find useful.

Sunflower Wire Mesh Bird Feeder Review:

From the Bird Watchers Perspective


Small Bird Feeders and RV Travel - Yellow Sunflower Basket Bird Feeder
Green and Yellow Sunflower Basket Bird Feeder

This very festive wire mesh bird feeder is sunflower yellow, so it looks great hanging with trees in the background. It has a green lid with a decorative sunflower painted on it. The recommended black oil sunflower seeds can be seen through the wire mesh. Up to 15 birds eating at once on the Yellow Sunflower Basket Bird Feeder finishes off the look with a splash of beautiful!


The Yellow Sunflower Basket Bird Feeder is a durable, all metal mesh wire bird feeder, with no plastic or wood. The circular perch around the bottom of the feeder allows birds to eat from the perch as well as cling to the wire mesh. It is great for humid weather because, with the wire mesh, it breathes and helps the seed keep dry.

The base of the round bird feeder has a slight rise, like a pyramid, designed to keep the bird seed flowing toward the outside. This design does not work 100% of the time. Sometimes the bird seed mounds up in the middle when the round feeder is less than half full. If you shake it a little, it should break loose and flow as designed.

Not Squirrel Proof

Sunflower bird feeder with Squirrel Rain Guard in Rain
Squirrel/Rain Guard in the Rain

This bird feeder is not squirrel proof. While some squirrels appear not to be interested when they find it difficult to cling to, others are more creative. My squirrels like to lay on top and hang their heads over the side to eat through the mesh. I’ve heard some squirrels even figure out how to unlatch the top and gorge themselves to their hearts content.

A squirrel baffle/guard keeps the squirrels off my feeders, and adds additional rain protection as well.

Filling and Cleaning

The fact the decorative Yellow Basket Bird Feeder collapses for storing is fabulous, but makes filling it a bit of a challenge. With most bird feeders you can just pour the bird seed into it. For this particular wire mesh bird feeder, that doesn’t work worth a hoot. I have two suggestions.

First, you can fill the feeder by holding it, expanded, by the top and using a cup or scoop to pour the bird seed in. The second suggestion is to use a scoop to pour the bird seed into the feeder while it is still hanging. The top easily latches closed when done.

This bird feeder is very easy to clean with the wire mesh water can be sprayed through. Since it collapses, it is easier than most to soak completely in hot, soapy water.

Bird Seed

Sunflower Bird Feeder sunflowers gerome-bruneau-65759-unsplash
Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

It is designed for the small black oil sunflower seeds, which the birds can pull through the wire mesh. The mesh is small enough the small sunflower seeds do not fall wasted all over the ground while filling it.

Mixed Seed can also be used in the Yellow Sunflower Basket Bird Feeder. A mix with the tiny cream colored white proso millet, finely cracked corn, sunflower see chips, and/or black oil sunflower seed can also be used. While the mixed seed is liked by most birds, some smaller seeds will tend to follow out of the bird feeder when filling.

RVers Dream Bird Feeder

As an RVer, my requirements for a bird feeder to travel with me are follow. It must be:

  1. Compact so it will store nicely in a RV with limited space,
  2. Easy to put up and take down,
  3. Attractive as well as functional, and, above all,
  4. Attract birds to my camper!
Small Bird Feeders for RV Travle decorative sunflower hanging hookle decorative sunflower bird feeders hanging hookSmall Bird Feeders for RV Travle decorative sunflower hanging hook
Perky-Pet Decorative Yellow Sunflower Hanging Hook

This wire mesh bird feeder is perfect for taking on the road with you. As mentioned before, the fact it is collapses for storage is a big deal for life in an RV. It is also durable, being made of all steel, so it can be handled more often. It doesn’t require  much bird seed, which is good for a bird watcher on the move.

I really like the pretty decorative Yellow Sunflower Basket Wire Mesh Bird Feeder. How could it be more festive? The yellow is so lovely against a darker background, such as trees while camping.

And I can’t resist the Decorative Sunflower Hanging Hook (sold separately), obviously made to compliment the Sunflower Wire Mesh Bird Feeder. The Sunflower Hanging Hook holds up to 20 pounds and is a perfect match with the Sunflower Bird Feeder. See the end of the artilce for a link to puchase the Yellow Sunflower Hanging Hook.

Also, wire mesh bird feeder will attract a lot of different small song birds to my RV bird watching world. While a Cardinal might visit the bird feeder occasionally, I think Blue Jays and Mockingbirds are out of the question.

Sunflower Wire Mesh Bird Feeder Review:

From the Wild Birds Perspective

Wire mesh bird feeder bird on a branch vittorio-zamboni-247131-unsplash

Time to Dine

I guess it depends on what type of bird you are as to how you feel about this bird feeder.

Bird seed in the wire mesh bird feeder is not as easy to eat as with some other feeders. It takes a little effort to pull the seed through the mesh. This has never deterred my song birds, and it keeps sunflower seeds from being knocked to the ground.

From a different perspective, the ground feeding birds, such as doves, are not happy more seed is not finding its way to the ground.  Larger birds, Blue Jays or larger, can’t get a hold on the circular perch, and must find another diner.

All said, the smaller song birds are eating in peace. The finches, wrens, sparrows, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, and others love these feeders.

Mounds of Seed in the Middle

If the seeds form a mound in the middle of the feeder when it is less than half full, it must be frustrating to the birds. They can see the bird seed, but it is out of their reach. Again, the feeder is not designed to mound, but there are enough complaints that some feeders must have the problem. Simply jostle the feeder and the seeds will slip to the sides.

Conclusion: Pros and Cons

Review Conclusions - Field Notes - helloquence-61190-unsplash
Field Notes, Review, Conclusions


  • Durable, All Metal Round Wire Mesh Bird Beeder
  • Circular Perch
  • Holds Popular Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
  • Collapses for storage
  • Festive, Pretty, Bright Yellow Color
  • Decorative
  • Easy to Clean


  • Hard to fill because it collapses as designed
  • Not Squirrel Proof
  • Bird Seed May Mound in Center of Feeder

I have offered suggestions to avoid or reduce the above listed possible Cons. However, they are the obvious reasons for an 8.5 out of 10 rating.

I love this festive, functional tube bird feeder and hope you do too, should you decide to purchase one.

How to Get the Decorative Sunflower Bird Feeder, Sunflower Hanging Hook and Squirrel Baffle

Decorative Sunflower Basket Wire Mesh Bird Feeder 

  • Size: 1 pound
  • Price: $21.93 (as of 08/25/2018 16:30 CDT details)



Decorative Sunflower Hanging Hook

  • Price: $12.74 (as of 08/25/2018 11:30 CDT details)


Audubon16-inch Clear Squirrel Baffle

  • Price: $21.44 (as of 08/25/2018 11:30 CDT details)


I hope you have enjoyed this review of the Yellow Sunflower Basket Wire Mesh Bird feeder. If you have a question, or want to share your experiences with the decorative Yellow Sunflower Bird feeder, please leave a comment. I promise to answer every comment.

If you would like to read more articles about Bird Watching Made Easy, follow this Index link.

Happy Bird Watching,


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2 Replies to “Sunflower Basket Wire Mesh Bird Feeder Review: Cute & Functional!”

  1. With your convincing product review, I will surely get one. My 2-year old daughter’s really fond of birds chirping around the terrace, so I decided to have one for her. I’m sure she would love the Sunflower design as well. Is the wire mesh 100% safe for my lovely daughter?

    1. Hi Ernst!  I sure your daughter will love seeing the birds attracted by the Yellow Sunflower Basket Bird Feeder.

      I’m not sure how much a 2 year old will handle a bird feeder, other than when it is brand new out of the box. I don’t let my young grandchildren handle the bird feeders for fear they wont wash their hands well.

      I’ve read in my research that bird feeders do not spread viruses or other illness to humans.  However, you do have to to clean up any bird droppings or birdseed spoined by rain, etc.

       I see no reason the wire mesh is not safe for her. The mesh is large enough for a bird to pull a small sunflower seed through it, so you need to be sure her fingers can’t fit into the mesh.  However, I must point out that I am not a company representative, am not liable and make no guarantees. I reviewed the sunflower bird feeder, liked it and offered a link for purchase.

      I hope you and your daughter get a great deal of pleasure from the festive bird feeder.

      Happy Bird Watching ~ JoAnn

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