Small Bird Feeders for RV Travel & Backyards: Even Collapse Flat!

Small Bird Feeders for RV Travel & Backyards: Even Collapse Flat!

Have you ever wanted to take something with you on a trip, but it was just too hard to pack? I feel that way about taking bird feeders when I travel by RV. I want to attract the birds close to my RV for campsite bird watching . But how? Which small bird feeders work for RV travel?

Passionate About RV Travel and Bird Watching?

Small Bird Feeders for RV Travel 4X4 van camper at mtn campsite mikel-ibarluzea-551605-unsplash
4X4 Van Camper BLM Campsite

I fell in love with RV travel when I was growing up, as did my husband, Bob. Both of our parents took us on road trips, dragging a trailer behind the car. Road trips, to see the countryside up close, became a passion for us as we raised our family.

RV travel has long been a passion for Bob and me.  We have camped all over the USA with our family.  We took our kids, aged 3 & 5, ground tent camping in the Rockies, waking up to snow.  We’ve also camped with pop-up campers, a motor home, and even a 4X4 van camper.

Now, we are ready to add campsite bird watching to our RV travel. We will soon get a RV for full-time RVing.  Its time to combine our passion for bird watching with with our passion for RVing.

Campsite Bird Watching

Small Bird Feeders for RV Travle - Jayco side picture at Atlanta State Park IMG-1455
Our RV and Campsite

RV travel and bird watching along sceneic byways compliment each other, but I’m ready to take it to another level. I want to add campsite bird watching to my RV travel.  To do so I need to attract birds to the campsite.

The easiest and fastest way to attract birds is with bird feeders.  Campsite bird watching is not much different than backyard bird watching at home. The bird feeders must be small and mobile. Also, they must be taken down and packed everytime we get on the road. We will sometimes need to bring the feeders in nightly to avoid attracting unwanted wild animals.

Basic Requirements for Bird Feeders

So, let’s examine what bird feeders for RV travel need to be like. What are the basic requirements?  I identified features that will be needed in a bird feeder to take traveling in a camper.

I plan to take at least one hummingbird feeder and one bird seed feeder, to attract song birds, with me on my travels. The requirements for my dream RV bird feeders follow, They must be:

  • Compact, so they can be stored in small places,
  • Easy to put up at a campsite and take down for travel,
  • Attractive as well as functional, and, above all,
  • Attract More Birds for me to Enjoy More Bird Watching!

Recommended Bird Feeders

The small bird feeders I’m recommending are also great for their backyards, patios, or porches, as well as RV Travel. Both the recommended bird seed feeder, for the song birds, and the hummingbird feeder are lightweight.   Yet they attract many birds for both backyard bird watching and campsite bird watching.

My Choice for Bird Seed Feeders

Small Bird Feeders for RV TRavelDecorative sunflower basket bird feeder
Sunflower Basket Bird Feeder

So, what specific bird feeders meet all my requirements? I decided to start looking at some black oil sunflower seed feeders. Most birds love black oil sunflower seeds, and they are very good for the birds.

To my delight, I found a bird seed feeder that is small, adorable, and holds the small black oil sunflower seeds. Not only that, it collapses flat for efficient storage!

Green & Yellow Sunflower Basket Small Bird Feeders

These small bird feeders not only collapse flat for storage but are very durable. They are made of all metal wire mesh, with no plastic or wood, and should stand up to frequent handling.

The sunflower small bird feeders are available in a 1 lb. version, or a 2.5 lb. version. Neither require a lot of birdseed, which is good for a bird watcher on the move.

Festive, Bright Yellow Sunflower Feeder

Small Bird Feeders for RV Travle decorative sunflower hanging hook
Perky Pet Decorative Yellow Sunflower Hanging Hook

I really like the pretty Yellow Sunflower Small Bird Feeders. How could they be more festive? The yellow is so bright and lovely, especially against a darker background, such as trees while camping.

These bird feeders will feed up to 15 birds on it circular perch and wire mesh! I can hardly wait!

And I can’t resist the Decorative Yellow Sunflower Hanging Hooks (sold separately) that were obviously made to compliment the Yellow Sunflower Basket Small Bird Feeders.

Follow this link for indepth Review of the Decorative Yellow Sunflower Basket Bird Feeder, Pros and Cons.  You can also purchase through the Amazon link at this blog end of the article.

Little Fancy Hummingbird Feeders

Now for a hummingbird feeder for RV travel. There are several small hummingbird feeders to choose from. However, most are not this small, yet very attractive with multiple nectar ports.

Small Bird Feeders for RV Travel Fancy hummingbird feeder - 8 oz
8 oz HummZinger Fancy Hummingbird Feeder

I’ve choosen the Little Fancy Hummingbird Feeder as my RV travel companion. The word “fancy” caught my attention immediately, and is more than a just marketing ploy. But we’ll get to that shortly.

Small Bird Feeders - Hummingbird flying away from fancy feeder
My 4 oz Fancy Hummingbird Feeder

These small hummingbird feeders are only 2″ tall. They can easily be stored in small spaces in a camper. Just take the hanging rod off, and stick them in a drawer.

Also, since they only hold 8 oz of nectar, a lot of nectar is not thrown out every time they are stored them for travel. The Little Fancy Hummingbird Feeders are available in 3 sizes, ranging from 4 oz to 12 oz. The 8 oz small bird feeders are perfect for RV travel.

Fancy HummerFeeders

Small Bird Feeders and RV Travel - Fancy hummingbird feeder - 12 oz
12 Oz HummZinger Fancy Hummingbird Feeder

So, why does this hummingbird feeder have the work “fancy” in its name? The little rose-colored hummingbird feeder has raised flowers that shimmer in the sun. How fancy is that?

These hummingbird feeders are also perfect for a backyard with a territorial hummingbird, who runs off other hummers.  Just set up multiple small feeders around the yard so all the hummingbirds have a chance.

Follow this link for indepth Review of the HummZinger Fancy Hummingbirds Feeders . Pros and Cons.  You can also purchase 8oz  HummZinger Hummingbird Feeders through the Amazon link at this blog end of the article.

ZUMMR Hummingbird Ring

ZUMMR Hummingbird Ring Feeder

These cute little ring feeders will bring the hummingbirds up close.  As a matter of fact, right to your hand!  

ZUMMR Hummingbird Ring Feeders on a Pot

You can train your hummingbirds to be comfortable with a ring feeder before trying to attract them right to your hand.  Put the ring feeder close to other feeders they visit, or in a flower pot with a tubular flowering plant they are attracted to.

The ZUMMR Hummingbird Ring has attachments for cups, small pots and windows, as well as the ring.

You can purchase a set of 3 ZUMMR Hummingbird Ring Feeders through the Amazon link below.

Decorative Sunflower Basket Wire Mesh Bird Feeder 

  • Size: 1 pound
  • Price: $21.93 (as of 08/25/2018 16:30 CDT details)


Aspects Little Fancy Rose HummZinger Feeders

  • 8 oz
  • Price: $22.32 (as of 08/25/2018 15:00 CDT – details)


ZUMMR Hummingbird Ring Feeder

  • 3 humminbird rings
  • Syringe for filling nectar cup


I hope you have enjoyed Small Bird Feeders for RV Travel & Backyards. I trust these bird feeders meet your needs as well they meet mine.

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences, please leave a comment. I promise to reply to every comment.

If you would like to read more articles about Bird Watching Made Easy, follow this Index link.

Happy Bird Watching,

JoAnn Timberlake

Author of Bird Watching Made Easy

Attract More Birds > Enjoy More Bird Watching


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4 Replies to “Small Bird Feeders for RV Travel & Backyards: Even Collapse Flat!”

  1. When I lived in Kentucky, cardinals would be in the backyard all the time – so pretty and cool to watch.

    I think it would be very interesting to combine RVing with bird-watching because you could explore so many varieties of interesting colorful birds.

    My mom is really into bird houses, but your choices of bird feeders look more interesting to me for the backyard or camping.

    1. Alexander,  Kentucky is really beautiful.  What a great place to enjoy bird watching.   I love the Cardinals too.  Right now I have a male juvenile that is orange!

      I love this festive sunflower feeder that attracts a lot of birds and you’ll find it excellent for your backyard and camping. You can enjoy the beautiful birds and the decorative bird feeder too.

      Bird houses are great for offering your wild birds shelter and a safe nesting place.  They attract birds too.  

      Bird feeders  provide easy to attain food, especially important during nesting season, when those bird houses are heavily used.  At the same time, bird feeders help bird watchers attract and enjoy the birds in their yards, especially when their birds hang out at the bird feeder for a while.

      The yellow and green Sunflower Basket Bird Feeder would be a great gift for your mom, and I’m sure you would enjoy one in your backyard as well.

      Happy Bird Watching – JoAnn

  2. My family went RVing when we were growing up and I remember hearing the birds in the morning as one of the best parts of waking up in the wild. Last time I went camping there was a hummingbird feeder at the campground with probably up to 10 hummingbirds fluttering around it. To be able to watch that each morning while sipping coffee would be really cool.

    The collapsible bird feeders are a great idea too!! Anyone who’s ever RV’d or camped knows that space is one of the most tricky and important things. Thank for the suggestions!!!

    1. Hi Laura! Camping Memories of the birds singing in the mornings and watching the hummingbirds are great, aren’t they. It’ll be nice to be able to watch the song birds enjoy breakfast outside the camper window.

      Thanks for following Bird Watching Made Easy blog.

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